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Yearly Improvements

Hello, everyone! I apologise for taking so long on making a post, but I have a good excuse this time!




We got a new puppy! Her name’s Ezzy and she the sweetest (and wildest!) She plays for a while and sleeps (she’s beside me now, pretending she doesn’t take up space)




And, yes, I did finish my Keaton picture. Wanted to make it really cool since Majora’s Mask 3D is coming Feb. 13(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Like last year, I’ll compare them (and explain what I was trying to do):


Fox Fire


2013. I was so proud of it. I realise how bad it is now. Found a new way to do shading and paws, along with fire. Wanted it to be Ikana Graveyard, but got too lazy.


sentencing ceased


2014. Still like this one. I finished it at night, and next day, boom. Laptop wouldn’t work. (I’m sure you all remember that) Liked the way line-less looked so I went with it. Didn’t understand lighting that well. Found a good way to do fire. Actually studied Ikana Graveyard before drawing.


welcome to the graveyard


2015. Actually really really like this one! I’ve edited it since I first finished, so it looks better than it did. Worked really hard on the lighting and shading, along with the fire. Wanted to do a more ‘complex’ pose which accidentally ended up making them half-hidden.


So yeah guys, if you ever feel bad about your art, just know that you can improve! It may take a while, and it may not always be the way you wanted, but you did your best, and that’s what counts.

Have a great week, everybody!


Put me in the trash where I belong

I am trash

I haven’t made a post since November – sorry, everyone! I had a Christmas-play, had to play piano at a church, do Christmas, etc. and haven’t had time to put up a post

BBBUUUUTT it’s January, and that means it’s time to remake my Keaton picture! (Anyone else remember the yellow fox with the flames? Anyone? Yeah OK but anyway)

That’s actually what reminded me to make a post, and as you can see, instead of working on that picture, I threw together a different one special for this (procrastination level unlocked! ‘I’ll work on it later!’ -20 speed +15 item space)

I do have some work to show for though:


Wanted a new wallpaper for my phone, so I made one! Might make this my blog background, also

And anyone remember Velicashi? (Probably not) Well, I redesigned her, and am quite pleased with the outcome :>



I’ve been doing a lot of drawing on paper too, but they’re mainly sketches that aren’t worth uploading

Except this one, of course

very important