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Blogger Recognition Award!

Firstly I’d like to give a big thanks to Madison for nominating me! She’s really cool so go check her out! c:


So I’m not sure what kind of picture you’re supposed to put but, this is one I found so kudos to whoever made it cause it’s pretty!

OK so I think you have to give two things of advice, and then tell how your blog got started?

1: Don’t ever feel like you can’t post what you want. It’s a blog – not everyone in the entire world’s gonna see it! If you want to write about that nice old lady, do it. This is a place where you write whatever’s on your mind – the only limit is you!

2: Please please please please PLEASE be nice to everyone. Be nice to everyone. I admit that it is a bit hard sometimes but it’s very important to show everyone respect; you never know what’s going on at the other side of that computer screen. So be nice, leave good comments, and encourage people whenever you can!



Mmkay I’m gonna try to make this short cause I’m a little long winded telling stories:

My mom got a blog back in like…2009 I think? And after I saw what a blog was like I wanted one. But none of us were really educated on them (brother-in-law made her’s – thanks, Dave!) so I didn’t get one. Then a few years down the road Madison (link above – again, y’all best check her out) got a blog and I read it and read it cause it was so cool!!! My mom and my friend have a blog!!!! Skip to a year later and I ask if I can get one – Mom says yes, but doesn’t know how to make one, Dave’s too busy –  so I make it myself! Granted, it looks a lot better than when I first started it, but I’ve had loads of fun and made some blog friends that I love lots and lots!


A lot of stuff was omitted, but that’s the jist of it. Now I get to nominate peeps!

Ok so



and there was someone else?? Aaahh I forgot who it was but if anyone wants to do it, go ahead!

Have a great day, everybody!