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Project Imagination: Storyboards?


SOOOoooo, as it is quite obvious, I haven’t done anything with the Project in a while.


Last night I was thinking, and then suddenly the thought came to my mind to do some storyboards for the Boss battles.

You know, get a good idea of the designs, music, ect,.


Since I have the Grunty-Wood Boss finally figured out, the first one I’ll do is him.


So I’ll be working on that this week!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

I still don’t have my computer though.


But I went to the zoo on Friday so hopefully I’ll have some pictures to put up later.

Have a great day!



Soon, I shall go see my beloved laptop. I’ll probably have to get a new one, but I’ll be sure to mention the video card slot.




But I’m doing a bit of traditional art, so that means you still get something to look at, right?


I’m going to a friend’s house this evening, so that will be a lot of fun-then Friday evening I’ll be seeing “Rio 2”, and I hope I enjoy it!


Have a nice day, everyone!

My laptop messed up (again)


I’m typing this from my Mum’s computer, which at least means I have a computer to use.


But, as mine is not working, I won’t be able to put up a Project Imagination picture or the Keaton picture (which I had JUST finished before my laptop messed up!)

We’ll be going to see if we can get it fixed Friday evening/Saturday, so I’ll see if I can give an update then.