Yearly Improvements

Hello, everyone! I apologise for taking so long on making a post, but I have a good excuse this time!




We got a new puppy! Her name’s Ezzy and she the sweetest (and wildest!) She plays for a while and sleeps (she’s beside me now, pretending she doesn’t take up space)




And, yes, I did finish my Keaton picture. Wanted to make it really cool since Majora’s Mask 3D is coming Feb. 13(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Like last year, I’ll compare them (and explain what I was trying to do):


Fox Fire


2013. I was so proud of it. I realise how bad it is now. Found a new way to do shading and paws, along with fire. Wanted it to be Ikana Graveyard, but got too lazy.


sentencing ceased


2014. Still like this one. I finished it at night, and next day, boom. Laptop wouldn’t work. (I’m sure you all remember that) Liked the way line-less looked so I went with it. Didn’t understand lighting that well. Found a good way to do fire. Actually studied Ikana Graveyard before drawing.


welcome to the graveyard


2015. Actually really really like this one! I’ve edited it since I first finished, so it looks better than it did. Worked really hard on the lighting and shading, along with the fire. Wanted to do a more ‘complex’ pose which accidentally ended up making them half-hidden.


So yeah guys, if you ever feel bad about your art, just know that you can improve! It may take a while, and it may not always be the way you wanted, but you did your best, and that’s what counts.

Have a great week, everybody!


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