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Happy Thanksgiving !



We were visiting family so I didn’t get a picture in

I was too busy gobbling down food.

I was also stuffing the food down my throat

badum tsh


Well this only took ten and a half hours

I finally got that picture finished


“Hey, isn’t having your feet on the counter a health hazard for customers?”
“Trust me, kid. Once you’ve been here as long as I have, you can do whatever you want.”

You can open it in a new tab to see it better if you’d like

Let me tell you, I could play Banjo Tooie all day.  It has such a fluid style that I could look at a character’s movements forever. The colours go together perfectly, and each level is different from the others.

On another note it is completely impossible for me to draw in that style which is why Banjo looks more like a mutated cat than a bear. I accidentally ended up combining Kazooie’s designs, so she has features from both Tooie and Nuts’n’Bolts.

Apparently my computer needs to restart from updates???

And Mum called us down for school goodbye friends.

Whoa, it’s been a whole week?

DOUBLE EDIT: Please don’t send any more puns, Strawberry.

EDIT: If anyone has any smoothie or fruit puns I’d be delighted to hear them

So, it’s been a whole week since I started this Blog?

Wow, time flies.

We better catch it.

Badum tsh.

Much thanks to Dave for fixing my computer, My gratitude cannot be described.

It’s not quite finished yet, but a week deserves a picture, right?


I still have the background shading, the lighting, and the little features to add in.

Oh, get this. I’ve worked nine hours and forty-five minutes on it.


Sushi and Kebab



This Post is late because we went to town today and I was typing really really slowly


After mentioning them in my About page (which you can read here) I figured I would take pictures of them and put them here


Sushi is the all white one and Kebab is the white and orange fishy





100_2969 100_2965




(They didn’t take too well because my camera’s battery is low and I keep forgetting to charge it)


I was going to add some pictures I had drew on paper, but none of them turned out


And thank God because the next post I’ll hopefully have my laptop back



Thank God I have another spare Hard drive

…or I wouldn’t be able to make a good Post.

So, this should be considered a ‘first post’ as the other was just seeing if everything worked.

Basically   I’ll be posting my Pictures, thoughts, and Pokemon stuff.

So the pictures you can expect are:


Burning Ashes


FULL EFFORT, where I obviously put full effort into trying to make it.



Banjo Tooie



THE DOODLE, where I just scribble along to whatever I feel like.




I’ll try to update every other day, but sometimes it may be longer.


Oh and when I said Tuesday I meant Saturday OK.




Do I have to add a Title or is it optional

Gee I don’t know good golly I just started can you delete this later what do I doImage

Does that show up yes good




So yes hello this post will probably be my testing post for later things as well

As my Blog Title suggests yes I quite like dinosaurs

I also like rats and fish and anything to do with Art

Oh and Pokemon OK

You can ask me anything I won’t bite

I’ll be able to do a bit more once my computer gets fixed, and that should be Tuesday


Farewell till then!