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Inktober 2018 Week 2

Day 8: Star

Day 8 Star

Day 9: Precious


Day 9 Precious

Day 10: Flowing

Day 10 Flowing

Day 11: Cruel

Day 11 Cruel

Day 12: Whale

Day 12 Whale

Day 13: Guarded

Day 13 Guarded

Day 14: Clock

Day 14 Clock


Summary of Art 2017 + Four years on Wordpress!

Hello, everyone! I was going to do a post on the actual day, but WordPress never gave me the notification. It was some time in late November, so I’m pretty late. Four years is a long time, and even though I may go months at a time without posting I’ve really enjoyed having this blog and getting to talk to the people I’ve met on here!

All that aside, I did a summary of art! My ‘Best Ofs’ each month


I also did a video of my art through the year in order from January to December (the days might be a little off, but I got the months right)

That’s all for now, and Happy New Year!