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Two years on WordPress!

Hey, guys! One or two days ago was my anniversary here on WordPress! And…I don’t have anything for it. Sorry.


Manglee Old Bonnie

bbbuuuutttttt I have these! FNaF, something a duck knows pretty well (also should totally do a stream of the second one)


P 5

anyways, have a great day, everyone!


I’m not dead!

Hey everybody! Sorry for not putting up in a post in like, FOREVER. But I’ve been really really busy! I got to stay a week at a camp, I’ve been helping canning, I went to a Comic-Con, and that’s just a start!

Anyways, I’ve also started on a comic! I’ll be posting it here on Tuesdays, so you can look forward to that =D Since it’s only two days since Tuesday, I’ll go ahead and upload:

p 1


(I’ve improved a lot since this first page; I’m like, 11 or 12 in already)

AAAANNNNNNDDDD I’m also doing Poke-Halloween! It’s like that PokedeXY challenge I did way back

Day 1

Day 1 is any one you want, so I choose Wooper!

That’s all for now, but I’ll being updating again soon!