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Some pictures!

I rented a ‘How to Draw Birds with Coloured Pencils’ book from the library a while ago, and here’s some of the stuff I’ve drawn from it!

I’ve also done quite a bit of miscellaneous stuff! (lots of hyenas!)


That’s it for now! Have a nice day, everyone!


Project Imagination: Gimme yo fries, Son

Hello, everyone! Last night was a sudden burst of creativity, so I whipped up not only a new character but also some pixels!


This is Porter, a rather rude seagull who was based on a real life happening. First, he demands fries, and if you don’t have them, he attacks. After getting his fries, he demands a smoothie. So yes, a rather rude seagull. It sounds easy until you have to find the switches necessary to open the stalls. Salty can’t seem to learn…

Here are the Pixels! I know, I know. They’re small. They’re made with a 32 x 32 canvas, which is really small. So far I have Porter, Kazooie, and an animated Kazooie. You can shoot me a bird/anything actually and I can make a Pixel, since I need practice.

That’s all I got done for now. I wish I could re-find how to get to my blog’s HTML so I could have these as a cursor…