Unknown bloggers challenge!

I was nominated by Maddie at The Blog of Toys – thanks!


1. This is a challenge. Therefore, those nominated are challenged to do this.

2. Nominate 5 people with under 100 followers.

3. Ask at least 5 questions and answer those given to you.

4. Leave a comment on the person/peoples blog you have nominated letting them know.

5. Use the tag #unknownbloggerschallenge.



What is your favorite blog?

Aahh probably Strawberry’s, or The Blog of Toys

Have you had snow yet?

Yes!! We got a little Sunday, more Wednesday, and we’re supposed to get A LOT tomorrow!

What is your favorite dessert?

Ice cream! Or jello cake

What is your favorite toy?

My white and pink elephant named Richard – I love him lots!

What is your favorite Book(s)?

The Wings of Fire series and Narnia!


My questions:

1: Have any pets? Is so, what are they/their names?

2:Night or Day?

3: Favourite animal?

4: Rain, snow, or shine?

5: If given an hour, could you solve a Rubik’s Cube?


I haven’t kept track of how many followers people have, but if you wanna do this, feel free to! (Except Strawberry she’s gotta do it)


It’s my birthday

Hello, everyone! Sorry for not putting up a post, I’ve been pretty busy with other stuff, such as going to another con and getting Yoshi’s Wooly World!!! It’s really fun and ESPECIALLY cute

and I’m still way behind the PokeHalloween challenge but the creator said it’s fine if we post them after Halloween – yay!

Day 8

Day 8: A fossil Pokemon (really like how this one turned out!)

Day 9

Day 9: A flying Pokemon

Day 10

Day 10: A noisy Pokemon

And I’ll post two pages since I haven’t updated in two weeks:

p 3 P 4


Have a great day, everybody!!






Day 2


Day 2: any starter

Day 3



Day 3: Any legendary


Day 4

Day 4: A pokemon you want in real life



Day 5

Day 5: A baby Pokemon

Day 6 n 7

Days 6 and 7: A fat Pokemon and a skinny Pokemon

As you can see I am behind, by like, a lot. But I’m catching up!

And the page of the week:

p 2

Sorry for making this post short but I’m working on another page!

I’m not dead!

Hey everybody! Sorry for not putting up in a post in like, FOREVER. But I’ve been really really busy! I got to stay a week at a camp, I’ve been helping canning, I went to a Comic-Con, and that’s just a start!

Anyways, I’ve also started on a comic! I’ll be posting it here on Tuesdays, so you can look forward to that =D Since it’s only two days since Tuesday, I’ll go ahead and upload:

p 1


(I’ve improved a lot since this first page; I’m like, 11 or 12 in already)

AAAANNNNNNDDDD I’m also doing Poke-Halloween! It’s like that PokedeXY challenge I did way back

Day 1

Day 1 is any one you want, so I choose Wooper!

That’s all for now, but I’ll being updating again soon!

New post after like two months!

Hey, everybody! Sorry I haven’t put up a post – I’ve been a tad busy. I’ve been working at a camp, watching all four Jurassic Park movies (the first and Jurassic World are the best, but the second one made me laugh so much that like…I had to pause the movie five times I was laughing so hard) and I got Animal Crossing New Leaf! Speaking of which, I took some requests for them (and I will here, too! The link is here, and you can suggest as many as you want!)

Claudia Kicks Kidd


I still have three more to do (Clay, Pompom, and Peewee) which I really need to do but I’ve been working on other projects!



I’ve been working on some characters (haven’t decided what they’re for though) and this is one of the few I have on the computer (the rest are on paper and there’s only a certain time of the day the pictures turn out good)



I also made a new Pokesona (I drew it really quick and I’m not good at Snivy yet) But I really like the design!

I did it I am ready for EXTREME PIXEL WORK bye mom I’m off to LA(it transparent) 

And I worked really hard on this GIF (pixel art is not my forte) but it looks good, even though the shading is a little wonky

ze majestic brown baere

and Ze Majestic Brown Baere, drawn wonderfully in the parking lot of a Dollar General, with only love and passion poured into it

AND I’m working on an animation! I’ve worked five hours and have exactly 2.73 seconds done, so it will be a while before it’s uploaded. I’ll probably post a preview of it when it gets further along


That’s it for now, but I’ll be sure to make posts more often than two months apart! Have a nice day, everyone!


Blogger Recognition Award!

Firstly I’d like to give a big thanks to Madison for nominating me! She’s really cool so go check her out! c:


So I’m not sure what kind of picture you’re supposed to put but, this is one I found so kudos to whoever made it cause it’s pretty!

OK so I think you have to give two things of advice, and then tell how your blog got started?

1: Don’t ever feel like you can’t post what you want. It’s a blog – not everyone in the entire world’s gonna see it! If you want to write about that nice old lady, do it. This is a place where you write whatever’s on your mind – the only limit is you!

2: Please please please please PLEASE be nice to everyone. Be nice to everyone. I admit that it is a bit hard sometimes but it’s very important to show everyone respect; you never know what’s going on at the other side of that computer screen. So be nice, leave good comments, and encourage people whenever you can!



Mmkay I’m gonna try to make this short cause I’m a little long winded telling stories:

My mom got a blog back in like…2009 I think? And after I saw what a blog was like I wanted one. But none of us were really educated on them (brother-in-law made her’s – thanks, Dave!) so I didn’t get one. Then a few years down the road Madison (link above – again, y’all best check her out) got a blog and I read it and read it cause it was so cool!!! My mom and my friend have a blog!!!! Skip to a year later and I ask if I can get one – Mom says yes, but doesn’t know how to make one, Dave’s too busy –  so I make it myself! Granted, it looks a lot better than when I first started it, but I’ve had loads of fun and made some blog friends that I love lots and lots!


A lot of stuff was omitted, but that’s the jist of it. Now I get to nominate peeps!

Ok so



and there was someone else?? Aaahh I forgot who it was but if anyone wants to do it, go ahead!

Have a great day, everybody!