New post after like two months!

Hey, everybody! Sorry I haven’t put up a post – I’ve been a tad busy. I’ve been working at a camp, watching all four Jurassic Park movies (the first and Jurassic World are the best, but the second one made me laugh so much that like…I had to pause the movie five times I was laughing so hard) and I got Animal Crossing New Leaf! Speaking of which, I took some requests for them (and I will here, too! The link is here, and you can suggest as many as you want!)

Claudia Kicks Kidd


I still have three more to do (Clay, Pompom, and Peewee) which I really need to do but I’ve been working on other projects!



I’ve been working on some characters (haven’t decided what they’re for though) and this is one of the few I have on the computer (the rest are on paper and there’s only a certain time of the day the pictures turn out good)



I also made a new Pokesona (I drew it really quick and I’m not good at Snivy yet) But I really like the design!

I did it I am ready for EXTREME PIXEL WORK bye mom I’m off to LA(it transparent) 

And I worked really hard on this GIF (pixel art is not my forte) but it looks good, even though the shading is a little wonky

ze majestic brown baere

and Ze Majestic Brown Baere, drawn wonderfully in the parking lot of a Dollar General, with only love and passion poured into it

AND I’m working on an animation! I’ve worked five hours and have exactly 2.73 seconds done, so it will be a while before it’s uploaded. I’ll probably post a preview of it when it gets further along


That’s it for now, but I’ll be sure to make posts more often than two months apart! Have a nice day, everyone!



11 thoughts on “New post after like two months!

  1. My favorite Jurassic Park was the first one. It’s the original, which makes it great. I still need to see the newest one, though. I still haven’t. You’ve got some neat pictures. I really like the fourth from the top, the creature with the black fur. The coloring looks really nice on it. It almost looks 3D.

    Good luck on the animation. I look forward to seeing it. I made a few animations on Flash in the past. They were hard.

    • Thanks, Duck! The reason I like JW is it actually stuck to the story better than the second and third (still liked those, but they felt, I don’t know, repetitive?) and since it’s a newer movie, it has awesome graphics!
      He’s supposed to be a rabbit, but as I am not too good at rabbits yet, he doesn’t look like a bunny. And yay, I’m getting better at making stuff look 3D! I’ve been working on it for quite a while but they never turn out good
      I’m using GIMP for my animation – I would have more done, but I started marathoning a show and didn’t really have motivation for anything else

    • Nothing much! Week after next I’ll be going to a camp, so I’ll try to do a mass production of picture before I go
      Strawberry’s fine – she was on WP last night, replying to some comments. I’ll tell her to go to Coll’s blog when I get a chance
      Thanks! Can’t wait til I get better at drawing them :p

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