what no it hasn’t almost been a month since I made a post + Project Imagination

but I have reasonable excuses! (maybe)

I now have three new fish: Sir Kibble and Mr Dove the guppies, and Chinese Buffet the betta!



When we first put him in the tank – his colours have brightened a bit now owo





Mr Dove’s on the left, and Sir Kibble’s on the right. Cuties, eh? Ezzy’s grown a lot, also. She’s at least twice, maybe three times, as big than when we first got her!


Also, Majora’s Mask 3D! It’s radical!!!! Everything’s so so so so pretty and cool! They changed a lot and it was for the better.



And about Project Imagination…I’m thinking about making it its own game?? I don’t know tho I like it a lot but I don’t think it would fit well in the Banjo-Kazooie world/universe/thing


What would you guys think of that?


10 thoughts on “what no it hasn’t almost been a month since I made a post + Project Imagination

    • Aw, thanks! They’re very silly; the betta like to wiggle around to every corner of the tank.
      If I could’ve got a picture of Ezzy, I’d do a comparison, but she never holds still enough to get one!
      I’m gonna start doing concepts for the new Project, so I should have a post about them sometime next week

    • Yeah, bettas are pretty! Shame most of them can’t get to their full potential.
      Don’t worry too much about Strawberry, she’s just being a lazy bum :V I’ll tell her she needs to make a post and catch up on you guys’ blogs

    • Thanks! They like to wiggle around a lot
      Well, naturally, the graphics are loads better. They changed the Boss fights (which is good, as they felt rather…boring in the original) and the Stone and Giant Masks are in different places, which make them easier to get. The Bomber kids are also in different places. It’s certainly is worth the buy! If I had some sot of recording device I would definitely do a video for it, but alas, all I have is a phone…

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