One year (and a few days) on WordPress!

Hello, everyone! About two or three days ago was my one year anniversary here on WordPress! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It’s feels like yesterday I was still learning how to make posts.

I do have some pictures to show!

me and Richard

Here’s a new character I made, Riley Autumn Oakley:

yee Riley Autumn Oakley

Riley here’s a pine martin, which are incredibly cute (seriously, go look at pictures of them)

I also have some pictures of one of my stuffed animals  something that is totally 100% me

yeee ye

As you can see I am a plush elephant. With glasses and a red Christmas bracelet that looks like a collar

Also, tomorrow we’re going to get Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!!!!!!!!! I’m really excited!!!!!!!!

Have a great week and Thanksgiving, everyone!


19 thoughts on “One year (and a few days) on WordPress!

  1. YAY! Riley Autumn Oakley is so cute. the plush elephant look like you.:)

    • Thanks! Riley is pretty cute.

      Taking the pictures of Richard (the elephant) was hard since I put my glasses on him – I could barely see to take the picture!

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