OK I promise I do things

I haven’t made a new post in like month HowEVER

I made a new character! Her name is VelicashiMajestic Eagle



She started out as this…hot pink creature


Majestic Pegasus

She then turned into this more relaxing colour pallet


Life is so small

She also has armour



I was going to use this as my new background, but it didn’t work that well


Anyway I have to go clean out one of our freezers, but I hope you all have a great day!




8 thoughts on “OK I promise I do things

    • She’s for a story I’m writing that takes place in the Legend of Zelda world. I might have to upload it here when I get done owo
      I do comics sometimes, but I get really lazy and stop at the sketching part on the second or third page.
      Also, your comic is pretty cool – what’s it about?

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