/casually doesn’t make a Post in fifteen days

Like, geez, I made the storyboard yesterday!



Anyway, after not watching a movie on the computer for who knows how long, I figured I should watch three back to back!

In Japanese, no less (the dubs had bad voices)

OK, so it turns out Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox is actually Korean (??? it seems entirely Japanese to me! That explains why I didn’t recognize any of the words…)

Oh oh oh and get this

Me, the highly-emotional-cry-a-lot-at-every-movie-ending-ever




at any of them

That’s an accomplishment!



Anyway, on the art side, I’ve been drawing some different animals, such as seals and kangaroos (exactly one kangaroo incredible right)




The Chase




Have a great week!


6 thoughts on “/casually doesn’t make a Post in fifteen days

  1. The problem with music is that Not only is Garage band extremely limited but I did a lot of research and found out that for what were doing the best music/ Sound Manipulater would be FL Studio the problem being the cost of FL. So the music will probably be on hold for a long time, In other news your project has made a huge amount of progress!

    • Yeah, sadly the best things usually cost a fortune (ohhh Sony Vegas…..)
      But that’s OK! I totally understand that some things take a while.
      And yeah, it really has! That makes me pretty happy

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