My laptop messed up (again)


I’m typing this from my Mum’s computer, which at least means I have a computer to use.


But, as mine is not working, I won’t be able to put up a Project Imagination picture or the Keaton picture (which I had JUST finished before my laptop messed up!)

We’ll be going to see if we can get it fixed Friday evening/Saturday, so I’ll see if I can give an update then.


8 thoughts on “My laptop messed up (again)

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    • Well, the video card is messed up. We tried welding it back into place, and it worked for a while, but then it quit again.
      It will turn on, but does three beeps (one long and two short) and keeps a black screen.

      • Yeah, that does indeed sound like a video card issue. Is it just the card itself, or is there any damage to the slot it goes in? It’s possible you may just need a new video card. If that doesn’t work, or if there is a problem with the slot, as well, I think it’s possible to install an external video card that might fix the problem. Good luck on getting the computer fixed.

      • Hmm, I think it’s the card itself (the person who looked at it didn’t mention anything about the slot, so I’m assuming it’s in good condition)
        I’ll be paying the person a visit again this Friday, so I’ll be sure to ask.

        Thanks-I really love my laptop and getting a new one would cost a lot of money!

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