Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

But first check out this Kazoodle

Kazooie in Boots

Anyway, back to business. I guess I should put up a warning in case no one has got very far in it, so…


As you all know, the new Professor Layton game came out in America the last day of February. I started playing it as soon as I got it (after going to four whole stores!).

I certainly wasn’t disappointed by anything. The cutscenes are still amazing, and the 3D, even with the switch off, is wonderful. The characters are also the same good friends I’ve had many adventures with before. All the new characters are also perfect (although that one guy with the big tooth…what’s his deal? Is he part squirrel?).

The puzzles  are as good as ever (except those tile puzzles which I always have to look up). Why, I just finished the flower garden 2. I spent fifteen minutes on it and used all my Hints.

The fact that there’s so many areas to explore is astounding. Like, what do you mean? I literally get to go all around the world in this game? That’s too much freedom! Don’t you know I’ll mess up the order I’m supposed to go in?

Yes, I went to the Phoenix Village first. I have no regrets. I was very surprised at what the ‘Phoenix’ actually was, though. Who would’ve thought it was the village itself? Not me.

Right now, I’m at the supposed-go-to-first place known as the Jungle. As soon as I saw the snail as big as the humongous mushroom, I thought, “Wow, Clive would have a field trip here.”

I’m really starting to like Aurora now. At first, I was like, “Oh goodness, she’s going to stay in that dress and not understand anything.”

Well, I guess the Azrans did have good technology; she’s actually really smart and knows a good deal of what’s going on in modern day times.


Anyway, I must get back to my game. Have a nice day!



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