Well, that was an end to a Sunday!

I had went out to the chickens to get the eggs from the nests. Imagine my surprise when I see something white in the nests, and walk in there to see what it is.

Then I realised and speed-walked back to home to tell Dad.

Needless to say, it smells very bad in there. (Poor chickens!)


On another note, I’m finally getting back to work on art! I have like, five or six pictures to work on. One is almost done colouring, and another is barely sketched.

The others haven’t even been started.

So, hopefully I’ll have some art to Post next time!

Have a nice day!



4 thoughts on “Skunk

  1. I wish I had chickens, but my neighborhood won’t allow it for some reason, even though chickens are nice. I want very much to have two chickens, and I’d name them Henrietta (pun-intended) and Charlotte. We would have great times together, my hypothetical chickens and I.

    • Ah, it’s such a shame you can’t get chickens.
      Though I can understand your neighbourhood’s rules; chicken can be very messy sometimes (and sometimes they bring in uninvited guests like Mr Skunk!).
      Henrietta and Charlotte are very lovely names.

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