Tee hee


Ah, what’s that sound?

Oh, yes. The sound of me not getting any pictures done.


We went to town today so I didn’t get anything done.

BUT I finally got a Wii U! We got the Deluxe Set that came with two games. Ahhh it’s been so long since I have played a Wii game!

So, yeah, that was my day.


4 thoughts on “Tee hee

  1. Did you get Wii Party U?Would you believe I have been playing one of bub’s Lego games(and love it)?Have fun with it!

    • Unless Wii Party U comes with the thing, we didn’t. We got another remote, though.
      Some Lego games are actually really fun! (Though I always end up destroying my team mates, heh heh…)
      Oh, I will!

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