A few more concepts

Thanks to Strawberry, we’ve had a bunch of cool people join the project!

Thanks, guys!

Anyway, I have two more concepts done.

Deer butt

Even though I’m trying to focus on one world at a time, I got another character done. A bubbly little deer. She doesn’t have a name yet, so suggestions are highly welcome.

Clanker - Boss

Last night, Zell took my suggestion of putting Clanker in it and took it to a great new level. He suggested as either a Boss or in a joking location (such as a desert). Since the sewer/junk-yard needed a Boss, I figured I’d take the full suggestion of Clanker being controlled, then going back to normal upon defeat.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks again, everyone!


10 thoughts on “A few more concepts

  1. I could join and work on music Via Garage band and I could share the files with you if you’d like.

  2. How does Chochise sound for his name? It is Little Joe’s horse’s name as well as an indian’s on one episode of Bonanza.

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