MSPaint Tutorial Part 3

Hey, guys! Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to put it into the previous format, so I figured I’d try to type it out.

You start out with a sketch, like the character earlier.

(BUT I forgot to save the sketch hoopes)

We’ll want to at least put a little effort into the details, so we can remember them in the lineart stage.

After we sketch it, we go on to linearting.

Trust me on this, it is always good-ALWAYS-to have a reference for the background, or else you’ll have to go back and fix a lot like I had to.


Then we move on to colouring.



This is based on personal experience

It was even more fun when my computer ran into a error, restarted, and corrupted the file so I had to redo the whole coloured picture

But anyway, now we have our coloured lineart.


Colour 1


I went ahead and did some of the little details, like the swamp’s goo. Basically, take darker colours and jag them on there.

Now we’ll move on to shading.

Colour 1


I did the same technique, using a darker shade for each bit.

Now all we have to do is add a little more detail and our character !

Kazooie Gliding


I changed the colour of most of the lineart. I made the bricks white, the trees/treetops darker, and Kazooie darker as well.

And our picture is done! I hope I helped everyone out. If there’s anything someone didn’t understand, tell me, and I’ll do the best I can to explain better.


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