Minor/Small MSPaint Art Tutorial

A super good friend of mine (whose Blog is here) asked me earlier if I could help her with Paint, so then I thought, ‘Hey, I can do a little tutorial and put it here!’

Naturally I’ll still help when we get to go down there, but I figured starting ahead of time would be good until then

(If for some reason it’s too small, you can click on the image and that should make it bigger)

I got two parts done already, so all that leaves is the background ‘v’

I forgot to mention it in the tutorial, but the sketch doesn’t have to be perfect ! It doesn’t matter if the leg or head or anything is off, because it’s just the rough draft, and the line-art smooths all that out


Tutorial 2

If there’s any part you don’t understand (this applies to everyone) or need help with, just say so in a comment and I’ll see what I can do

(Especially the ‘clearing the sketch’ part it hardly makes sense to me. Another reason not to do things when you’re tired. You can easily take the eraser tool and have the sketch colour Colour 1, have white the Colour 2, and right-click with your mouse over it to get rid of it)


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