Looking back on 2013


Happy late New Year, everyone !

Yesterday was a big day, and I was busy making lists and eating


I figured I should share these, since it’s my future projects and stuff


What I did in 2013
  • Went to the beach for the first time in my life, and found three big pieces of sea glass while there.
  • Improved on art even if a little
  • Started watching Ben 10 and loved it
  • Went and did new things
  • Those new things were video games, watching new shows, and getting my WordPress
  • Sat in Santa Clause’s lap at a mall (which is very impressive for me)
  • Met some wonderful people 
  • Decided what I want to do when I go to college
  • Went to Dolly-wood again (haven’t been since I was four)

There’s so many people I’d like to thank, but since there’s so many I can’t remember them all !

As for the things I want to do in 2014…

  • Improve on art
  • Go to visit my grandparents like we were supposed to all year
  • Get into sewing more
  • Go back to the beach
  • Get back to writing
  • Finish the project I’ve been working on
  • Maybe start watching more TV shows


I also made a 2013 Summary of Art, which is technically art soooo


2013 summary



Ah, yes.

The Dark Ages

I started getting better at colour schemes during February, but my art came to a halt when I started writing more, which is why March has a crummy sketch

May is when I started Anthropomorphic art

My old computer died at the end of June, and my mum let me borrow her computer

The mouse-nibble thing tore off after no time at all, so digital art stopped completely

Once I got my new computer, I threw myself back into full-fledged pictures, trying to make up for almost three months of nothing

October was my best month; it was actually hard to pick a picture for it

November was full of video game playing, so I slaved over drawing that one picture

December, as you all know, was the PokedeXY challenge, so I never had time to do a full-on picture

So 2013 was basically discovering what I could do in colouring and perfecting certain aspects (like fire I’m a master at it now)

(As for the PokedeXY challenge, I want to redo some of the not-so-good ones, so if no one minds, could you suggest one or two? I’m putting a link here and here so you can see them all)


I hope you all had a very good day yesterday, and I also hope you have a super good 2014 !


7 thoughts on “Looking back on 2013

  1. Could you teach me how to draw on paint? I am not so good.
    I think all your pictures are great!


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