Wow this was a long fun day

We went to see Walking with Dinosaurs today and it was super good !

The graphics were so beautiful and perfect 12/10 would recommend

I actually have a lot of art to share this time around

What's up, hater aliens?

What’s up, hater aliens?

This is one of my concepts for my new character Neutrino

He’s part frog and part fish and he controls electricity


This is a frame from an animation I’m working on (which I do plan on finishing!)

The next additions for the PokedeXY challenge are the ones I did my best to make look cute

Day 20

Favourite Electric rodent: Pikachu

In all honesty I was going to draw Pachirisu, but then I thought, ‘No way. Here comes Pikachu.’

Day 21

Favourite Baby Pokemon: Azurill (that stole candy)


I also have a Azurill Pokemon card and it was one of the first I got so that might have something to do with it

Now I must get back to animating


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