And I’m good good good to go

DOUBLE EDIT: I also edited my About so it’s better now !

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention that we put up our gingerbread house! And we put the tree up today!!! I’m SuPeR excited for Christmas!!!!

As of today and yesterday I am feeling much better !

I’m almost halfway done with the December challenge, which is both exciting and disappointing because it’s been so much fun

Day 9

Favourite Grass-type: Gogoat

As soon as they were revealed super early in the year I knew I would catch one and name it Madison after a friend of mine

Day 10

Favourite Ground-type: Flygon

Aaahhhhh I adore Flygons so much

This one was slightly based on ‘I Can’t Fly’ from Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Peter Pan Returns

Unfortunately there isn’t very good quality on any of the videos so I won’t bother putting a link

Day 11

Favourite Ice-type: Bergmite

I love Bergmite almost as much as Goomys !

They are so adorable just look at it

Tomorrow’s Type is Normal and that will be hard because there’s a bunch of Normal types


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