Pokemon December Challenge

For the past few days I’ve been doing a Pokemon December Challenge for X and Y

There’s a Pokemon to draw each day and I’ve been having a grand time with it

I figured I’d post them here since I don’t have anything else

Delete 1

Favourite Bug-Type: Scyther

Ahhhh I just adore Scyther

It has awesome Speed and Attack, and it looks so cool~

(As a heads up, most of the other drawings will be better than this; I’ve never drawn Scyther before so it doesn’t look like I wanted)

Delete 2

Favourite Dark-Type: Murkrow

Crows will fly beneath a blood-red sky,

The grounds will rumble at the thunder of the drums,
Men will fall at the firearms roar,
As one man cries, another dies…

Betrayals will be played,
Prisoners will be taken, at a rapid pace,
There will be no winners and losers…

(Link to poem: here)

I’ve always loved Murkrow’s design. The wings seem to disappear into the body and that’s cool.

Favourite Dragon Pokemon: Goomy

Goomy used Colourful Dragon Breath! It’s super-effective!

If you didn’t see this coming you don’t know me at all

Favourite Electric-Type: Rotom

What can I say? They’re super cool and have great speed and special attack.

Delete 3

Favourite Fairy-type: Carbink

actually it’s Sylveon but probably everyone will do it

I tried to stay away from the previously-not-Fairy-Types

Tomorrow is Fighting-Type and that will not be fun


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